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Wai Wai Hakka Egg Noodles

₹ 36.00 ₹ 40.00

Wai Wai is a popular brand known for its instant noodles, and they offer a variety of noodle products. Wai Wai Hakka Egg Noodles is one of their specific noodle varieties. It is an easier and hassle-free recipe. These hakka noodles don't become soggy and mushy when you cook them at home. It stays al-dente, non-sticky always.

Size / Weight:

Wai Wai Hakka noodles are a type of Chinese-style noodles that are stir-fried and found in various Asian cuisines. These noodles contain egg as one of the ingredients, providing a richer flavor and different texture compared to plain noodles. It is made from high-quality ingredients that are semi-cooked and you just need to soak and drain to be ready. You can add various vegetables, meats, sauces, etc in it according to your taste and preference. It comes with a pack of 160 gm that is easily available in your nearest grocery stores, supermarkets, and various online stores.

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CG Foods (India) Pvt Ltd

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CG Foods (India) Pvt Ltd

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JSD Agro